•  Create/edit bio
  • Manage EPK creation
  • Create video demo reel
  • Facilitate Media Requests
  • Alert media of appearances
  • Assist with video distribution
  • Assist with booking possibilities
  • Set up distribution deal on iTunes
  • Set up radio/TV/print/online interviews
  • Pitch new tracks to Pandora and Spotify  
  • Create press release about new projects    
  • Takeover social media and increase traffic    
  • Submit Social media pages for verification    
  • Distribute press release to all of our contacts
  • Write and submit personal Wikipedia page for approval
  • Drive all new exposure to website and social media pages

  • A PR Firm with 10 years experience
  • A free no-obligation email discussion
  • Personal publicist manager
  • Same day campaign outline
  • Campaign forecasts
  • Campaign analysis

Jeremy Anderson - Vice President

 Jeremy brings his vast knowledge of corporate sponsorship and endorsements to the company. He has years of experience in business negotiations and offers a wide variety of additional financial opportunities to our clients. Jeremy offers an extensive contact list and over a decade of corporate and personal networking experience.



Today Kelly uses his knowledge to assist artists by advising them in the best moves to advance their career. His contacts and guidance have assisted some of today's most prominent talent.

After the film was completed, Nati began working on several television shows including; Deal or No Deal, Hell’s Kitchen, Flip That House, Beauty and the Geek, Making the Band, So You Think You Can Dance, and Bad Girls Club. His success in television allowed him to obtain a lot of relationships in the media and he was later given the name “The King of Contacts”. In 2006 Nati established Nati Celebrity Services, a full-service public relations agency. Nati began in sports PR by assisting with various NASCAR charities such as the Hendrick Marrow Program, Jimmie Johnson Foundation, and Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation. In 2011, he expanded his work by making his services available to actors, recording artists, public speakers, and entertainers. His work with celebrities has made international headlines and made him a household-name in the entertainment industry. 

We have one of the largest reach of any PR Firm in the industry. We nurture and maintain contacts in every genre and area of sports and entertainment and have placed our clients in TV shows and publications such as Dr. Drew, Dr. PhilTMZ, E! Entertainment, CNN, MTV, BET, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine and many more.



Kerry Knight - Multimedia Director

Since his arrival in 2012, one of Knight's goals has been to build a multimedia program that reaches every genre. Under his guidance, Nati Celebrity Services has made significant progress in achieving that goal. With initiatives in national and international media, Knight's revolutionary branding campaigns have made his music and entertainment clients a force to be reckoned with starting with his first client and childhood here Corey Feldman.

Kelly Foss - Marketing Director

Foss is an artist, graphic designer, and former art gallery manager. After almost a decade of advertising, press relations, brand creation and development, and career coaching, Foss is a well-rounded expert! She helps her clients to first realize their professional goals, and then guides them to success.

Nati Celebrity Services
Email Us At: DNati@NatiCelebs.com

Kelly Easter - Director of Music Relations

Kelly Easter  is one of the most knowledgeable music executives in America. His uncanny ear for production sets him apart from others as an outspoken voice in the industry.  Kelly grew up in California's Bay Area and was inundated with every genre of music. Coming from a lineage of musical artists, his Aunt Dorothy (Morrison) is the original singer and co-writer of 'Oh Happy Day' and his cousin, Levi Caesar, was the lead guitarist for Prince for over a decade.  

Domenick Nati - President

Known as "The King of Contacts", Nati has held successful careers in both entertainment and television production industries. His expertise in media strategies and promotions have created an established an extensive network of media contacts across the United States and around the world. In 2005 Nati was hired to work on Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to assist Judd Apatow.

His aggressive and creative approach have brought increased awareness for his clients endeavors in their line of work as well as in their personal lives and charitable endeavors.